Asian Domina Dominatrix Petite Tattoo Kinky Fetish BDSM New York NYC Shamanatrix

Alpha Witch. Psycho-sexual Alchemist. Shamanatrix. 

Tears streaming down your painted-on clown face because I reached in and touched a nerve. Gleefully adding more and more clamps onto your dangly bits, giggling with delight every time your face twists with pain. Strapping electrodes onto your sensitive areas and cranking the electro box all the way up to 10—but just for 2 seconds — just to watch you dance a ridiculous jig. Reducing you to a door mat for Me to wipe My muddy shoes. Or a bench on which to rest My sweet bum as I talk on the phone. The possibilities are endless, as are the predicaments. I like to hurt more than just your body, I like to hurt your insides. I like to hurt your ego. 

Deep down, I’m really just a pervert with a deep fetish for creative sadism who enjoys exploring the unusual and complex terrain of all that BDSM has to offer; the pleasure, the fear, the desire, the anticipation, the agony, the release, the catharsis. It's what turns Me on.

As a highly-skilled Dominant, I specialize in reaching into the dark places of your mind and extracting a fantasy enmeshed with My twisted whims.  I offer a genuine experience based on self-exploration, mutual respect and consent.  My gift to you is to provide a safe space to simply let go. Having common values and always communicating, we build trust through being heard and understood. 

I am also a practitioner of Transformational Domination. The powerful, deeper work of Female Domination for the goal of bringing about your most authentic self. With loving intention and open honesty, we embark on a journey of acceptance, release, and healing. I utilize an array of metaphysical eco-systems embracing both the light and the dark. If you allow Me, I will dig deep into the core of you to find your gold. In the process, many walls may be confronted and torn down, new ones built. Challenges will be faced and lessons will be learned or unlearned. No part of your being will be undiscovered and all of your vulnerabilities will be revealed to Me. Let Me break you down and then build you back up.