Transformational Domination

I've always believed in magick and came into reading about it when a friend recommended The Other Side by Sylvia Browne. That led me to start reading self-help books by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer from the library or borrowed from friends. A few years into deeply immersing myself in the philosophical literature of self-help, I started to become aware of more formal systems of magick that were mostly European and American, which I did not have the mind for, but respected all the same. It wasn't until I discovered Pam Grossman’s workshops at the now-defunct Observatory in Brooklyn that magick became something I could fully embrace and harness, utilizing it for this embodied life. At that time, I was already working at the commercial BDSM dungeon and learning that particular craft. Quite a few years into seniority at the dungeon, a submissive client I had been seeing for a while confessed a secret that he had been holding on to his entire life. The telling of this secret to trusted ears seemed to open a lot of doors for him as well as begin the process of shedding much emotional baggage. It didn't dawn on Me that the safe spaces found in BDSM could create profound shifts in consciousness. That this work is important and deep and should be handled with much care and caution to the psyche and not just the body. I started noticing more what was happening in sessions; My clients allowed themselves to become vulnerable, and what a great responsibility that is when you are the one guiding the experience! And how very trusting My submissives were in my hands, and finally, this was a great opportunity to bring in some healing! So many submissives seemed to crave this descent into their own subconscious without knowing how to ask for it, and wanted to fully put themselves in My hands, so how could I do good for them?

There were a few skills I'd always been curious about as I came into the idea that healing was possible in the context of professional BDSM and the space it can hold for others. Reiki, for one, honors the energy body and the power of intentional touch, which were two ideas that I felt like kink already includes. Hypnosis is a proper fetish for some, but is also a simple and subtle way of communicating to bring someone into a trance state, not unlike subspace. And finally, yoga and its embodied philosophies are great ways to shift focus from mind to mind-body though breath, as well as the more practical applications of its philosophies that can aid in slave training. I never sought to be a hypno-therapist, a reiki practitioner, or a yoga instructor through certification, but the ideas and concepts presented in these practices were elements conducive to bringing a submissive into spaces of altered consciousness where deep work could also be done, mainly by themselves. Despite being certified, I don't claim to be a formal practitioner of any of these healing modalities. I simply use their components when I feel a call to. The only skill I have used in its entirety is ritual magick. I also find Shamanism and plant medicine/herbalism very fascinating and wish to pursue those areas of study as well. 

I feel that like witchcraft, being a dominatrix is a craft based in merging many different skills and areas of knowledge. We aim to provide a service, but what can result from this rich service is total transformation.